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Realtor recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a realtor in the N Seattle/Shoreline area? Specifically near Meridian & 145th.

A family member may be moving soon.



Laura Morghon is an awesome realtor, and helped us find our Shoreline house (and the condo for our MiL) -- she has contact information up at http://lauras.net/ and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Absolutely. Chris Sudore of Coldwell Banker Bain. Really kick ass realtor.
I know Jane, Sean, and Rachael went with Laura Morghon when they bought their house in Shoreline. She was with Lake Realty then, but some Googling shows she's with Bain now. I've met her, and she seems to know her stuff.

I used ZipRealty...

...with good results. They do not charge as much as the Coldwell Banker Bains out there. Closing costs were well-contained. I used two different agents in '02 and '07; both were intelligent, pragmatic individuals who advised me well, particularly during my condo sale. My '07 agent also handled Vance's condo sale after the bottom fell out two years ago, in Greenlake. I think 360-degree views were included in the listings.

Edit to add: With regards to Bain, I didn't read the prior commends before posting this. Zip will definitely cost you less; they don't have brick-and-mortar office to keep up.

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