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Storm watch update

KOMO is suggesting tomorrow's storm will be like the storm on Dec 14, 2006. I remember that - nearly got marooned in my office, power out for days, etc.

Stay safe, folks.


The worst of it will hit on a Saturday, when fewer people need to be out and about for commuting to work, etc. That seems a somewhat better scenario than the 2006 storm. But many of the trees still haven't dropped their leaves, and that isn't favorable at all.

I remember during that 2006 storm a woman who lived a couple miles from me drowned in her basement.

I've been hunkered down at home yesterday, today, and will be again tomorrow.
If you were planning on attending the Norwescon concom meeting, check the website before you leave. If we cancel it, there'll be an announcement by 9am.
I keep thinking of the Columbus Day storm down here in Portland, which my mother used to swear was why I hated wind even though I was only 15 months when it happened.